hermann1514 wrote: 
> Hi,
> An ALbum is repeatedly visible - per CD one entry . How do I get it out
> that a ALbum with several CD's is represented as an ALbum
> The DIrectory Structure is:
> <ALBUM>\CDx\Tracks......
> Regards
> Hermann

There is no rule without a exception.
eg i dont want to have both Disks from Pink Floyd Ummagumma listed as
one Album.
That means Group Disc is no option "for me"

Albums that i want to be listed separat get other name eg.  Pink Floyd
Ummagumma (Studio);  Pink Floyd Ummagumma (Live).
Albums that i want to be listed @ one Album are in one folder 1st. Track
from 1st Disk gets Track# 101 3rd from 4th Disk gets Track# 403.

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