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> please try to describe your isse a bit different.

One can organise favourites into folders.  There is no play icon
available for folders when you hover over the folder name, but I use the
'favorites playlist play' command which can play a favourite at the
specified index beginning with 0.  For example, I have radio stations
organised into a folder; when I play that folder, it adds all entries in
that folder as the current playlist and starts playing the first entry
(one of the radio stations).  I had expected the same would happen with
local music directories added as favourite entries: so I create a
favourites folder, then added favourites to that folder, each of these
favourites entries inside the favourites folder points to a local music
directory (I have my music categories organised as directories on
filesystem); the directory which is being pointed at by the favourites
entry can contain other sub-directories - it is expected (and works that
way, so is okay) that the music in the sub-directories will also be
played when the corresponding favourites entry is played.

The favourites entry created thus can be played directly by using, e.g.
favorites playlist play item_id:2.0<LF> or the icon in the favourites
window: this works the same for both favourites folders containing radio
stations as favourites entries and favourites folders containing music
directories as favourites entries.  So far, so good.  When I issue the
command favorites playlist play item_id:2<LF> (note the absence of .0
for the first entry in the favourites folder), the whole favourites
folder (all favourites entries in the favourites folders) are available
in the playlist pane and the first radio station in that list starts
playing automatically.  Now I can issue the next command to move to the
next radio station.  Brilliant.  Next, I issue the command  favorites
playlist play item_id:7<LF> to load all entries in the favourites folder
which contains favourites entries all pointing to different music
directories on NAS.  All the favourites entries are again loaded on the
playlist pane (good), but the first entry in that list doesn't play
(this is the entry that played fine when I clicked play in the
favourites view for this entry).  I hit play in main player view,
doesn't work.  I hover mouse over that entry in playlist view and hit
play icon, doesn't work.  So, the treatment of radio stations versus
local directories is a bit different (it is probably due to the fact
that a radio station doesn't have multiple tracks under its entry, but a
music directory has multiple tracks; regardless, the point is, in both
cases, I have favourites entries organised in favourites folders, when I
issue favorites playlist play item_id:n for favourites folders with
radio stations as their favourites entries, it works, when I issue the
same command for favourites folders with local music directories as
favourites entries, that doesn't work. 
DJanGo wrote: 
> BTW: What Version are you running and is that issue related to your NAS
> (already tried another System as LMS Server)
It could be due the NAS on my LMS, I wouldn't know. I need to get this
working on this LMS (not another system), so I have not tested it with
another system.  

Screenshots attached. First screenshot is of favourites folders
containing radio stations, second screenshot is of favourites folders
containing favourites entries pointing to local music directories, third
screenshot shows play icon (and other icons) when a radio station
favourites entry is hovered upon, fourth screenshot shows play icon (and
other icons) when a local music directory favourites entry is hovered
upon.  This all works and the radio station entries appear no different
from music directory entries.


More screenshots attached.  First screenshot is of a playlist play
command with index of a favourites folder containing radio stations -
note how the first entry has started playing automatically.  The second
screenshot is of a playlist play command with index of a favourites
folder containing local music directories as favourites entries - not
how the music hasn't started playing, none of the play icons visible
here lead to music being played when clicked.  This is the problem
(favourites entries with music folder don't start playing at index 0
when their containing favourites folder is loaded via playlist play
command).  I know that the favourites entry shown for a radio station
doesn't have any other sub-entries (tracks) inside of it and the
favourites entry shown for a music directory has other sub-entries
(tracks and sub-directories), but I want the whole music directory to
start playing anyway, I have no need to advance through individual
tracks via the Next command, but instead to advance through different
favourites entries (of different music directories).

I hope this elaborates the picture sufficiently. 21127

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