reinholdk wrote: 
> More clarifications might be helpful.
> How do you detect that LMS has stopped:
> - via player (cannot connect,...)In the case of the 3 Classics, yes, Player 
> cannot connect.  In the case
of the 3 Touch devices, a red wireless symbol bottom right.

reinholdk wrote: 
> - via the Win10 PC (status of the LMS tray icon, LMS executable gone
> from process list of Windows Task Manager, LMS web ui,...)It's installed as a 
> service so there's no LMS tray icon.  But if you
open the Local Services from the View Local Services option in settings,
LMS is listed as Automatic but is in fact not running.  Task Manager
shows no processes running either when it's been stopped by an alarm
going off.  Control Panel is set to run automatically as System Start.

reinholdk wrote: 
> What do you mean with "local service":
> - is LMS configured to run as a Windows service (that is, it starts when
> the PC starts even before you login)That's it exactly.

reinholdk wrote: 
> And you didn't answer all of Michael's questions.Which one[s]???

LMS 7.8.0 running on BitFenix Intel Core i5 8GB RAM Windows 10 Pro Home
3 x Classics, 3 x Duet
2 pair Audio Engine 2's
UK based
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