HydeTheDarkerSide wrote: 
> It's installed as a service so there's no LMS tray icon.  But if you
> open the Local Services from the View Local Services option in settings,
> LMS is listed as Automatic but is in fact not running.  Task Manager
> shows no processes running either when it's been stopped by an alarm
> going off.  Control Panel is set to run automatically as System Start.

The tray icon should be there, even if LMS runs as a service. Maybe it's
hidden in the expandable area of the system tray?
When you recognize that LMS has been stopped, does the Local Services
window show the LMS service as not running? And did you look in the Task
Manager's Details list for SqueezeSvr.exe? (SqueezeTray.exe should also
be there.)
Another check would be to open the Diagnostics tab of the LMS Control
Panel and see the status there.

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