DJanGo wrote: 
> Please make some screenshoots for your alarms and library settings
> stop lms
> backup / rename your server.prefs.
> start lms again (it tells you something like start from scratch)
> set your library folder mysqb account (if your using it) 
> set your alarms from scratch
> that may helps if there are some strange things set to your alarms.
> just a guess - i believe it can work.Okay, please see attached:-

LMS Alarm.png
LMS Library.png
LMS Information.png

I renamed server.prefs to old.server.prefs

Started LMS again from its Control Panel and re-entered the paths for
the library and playlists.  At this point it also said there was an
updated version of LMS to be had.  I opted to do this and it downloaded
7.9.0 again???

Tried to open a browser session to load the Settings page to enter an
alarm and I usually type but LMS wasn't allowing
connections on the static IP for the Windows 10 Server.  So went back to
the LMS Control Panel and selected Remote Web and it connected using
something like 127.01.??.??  Anyway, entered a new alarm using Random
Song Mix and once again LMS stops running when the alarm goes off, or at
least a few seconds after the alarm goes off.  So new server.log and
scanner.log files attached too.

|Filename: server.log                                               |

LMS 7.8.0 running on BitFenix Intel Core i5 8GB RAM Windows 10 Pro Home
3 x Classics, 3 x Duet
2 pair Audio Engine 2's
UK based
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