Mnyb wrote: 
> Also,try a,regular small playlist or an album as alarm , or current
> playlist as alarm ?
> Btw do you use logitechs random track function or the one by Erland ?Okay, 
> that's just weird! Set up an alarm using random album and the
alarm triggered and played.  This time I used a Duet in the
conservatory.  But on picking up the remote the wireless network icon
bottom right was displayed in red and yet the track was playing.  I
elected to turn off the Duet and then it displayed the circling
connection graphic and reported that it couldn't connect to the server
and once again the Local Service has stopped.

LMS 7.8.0 running on BitFenix Intel Core i5 8GB RAM Windows 10 Pro Home
3 x Classics, 3 x Duet
2 pair Audio Engine 2's
UK based
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