mherger wrote: 
> A few questions:
> - what kind of control would you want to see implemented in a voice 
> controlled setup?
> - should the system be an always on, always listening system, or on 
> demand (eg. key press) only?
> - would you like the system to interrupt playback to talk back to you in
> case it didn't understand you?
> - what would you expect it to do if you asked it to "play kiss". 
> Prince's track Kiss or Carly Rae Jepsen's album Kiss or the band Kiss' 
> most popular tracks? Or, I forgot your playlist of the same name :-)
> Unfortunately(?) I don't have access to any of Amazon's offerings to 
> experience how it works there. And Siri only has about two albums to 
> chose from when I talk to here :-)
> -- 
> Michael

Details of the forthcoming Alexa (and G Home?) controls are scant.

What I've seen suggests a fairly restricted set of commands, eg. select
a player, play a Tunein station, volume control, mute, etc.  

I imagine a system with voice control for radio, and limited music
playback, would be a boon for visually-impaired users.

Details on Google Home are also few and far between, but it seems likely
it will be based on the existing chromecast tech..  Alexa Echo/Dot only
offers bluetooth functions.

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