Has it ever worked ?

I didn't know that a thecus N2200xxx was a supported NAS. If it is I
would expect dependency issues would raise their ugly head on a very
regular basis and upgrades would be a no no.

If I was you. 

I would buy a Pi3 starter kit from Amazon (£40). Install picoreplayer on
it with LMS. Give it a fixed IP. Mount your NAS drive via smb. Point LMS
at the mount and off you go. Switch off LMS on the thecus N2200xxx. Only
caveat - both pi & NAS need to be wired.

Use the NAS for what it is good at (serving files) and use the Pi as
your LMS server with a fully up to date working version of the software
and optionally as a player as well.

The Pi is more than capable of running as a server and will also allow
Spotify to work. It probably won't on your NAS.

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