capri v8 driver wrote: 
> I just copied the logs. I don't have much understanding of this. For me
> it looks like there is a problem with the SQL data base but I don't have
> a clue how to solve it.
> It worked in the beginning but after I added a other 100 cd's to the nas
> music folder and had t scan again it failed.
> My network is wired and I don't need Spotify. I was hoping to use the
> nas as a server. I used the file that was intended for a thecus N5200.
> If I recall correctly, it came from this forum.
> And the capri v8 is in beter than new condition:D

You will find very few NAS that support the latest versions of LMS.
There is a (semi official?) build for Synology that seems well
maintained and there are unofficial methods of installing on a QNAP but
other than that they are few and far between. The Thecus is not really
mainstream is it? So I would expect support for LMS to be worse than
Synology or QNAP.

I used to run LMS on QNAP but dropped the idea when it became apparent
that updates were going to be very difficult. I still keep my files on
the QNAP though and run LMS on a separate box - production version is an
old Dell server running a hacked Vortexbox with an NFS mount to the
QNAP. I have various Pi's that I also employ as LMS servers for testing
various things. I will move fully to a Pi when I have finished a
re-ripping project. I will always keep the files on the NAS though.

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