mherger wrote: 
> Everything in there points towards networking issues: after about 12h of
> uptime LMS stops reaching the internet. This shouldn't really cause any
> problem. But I've seen cases where LMS started hammering with 
> an insane number of connections (multiple login attempts per second). 
> The 503 errors you got a few days ago would indicate such a problem. But
> the latest log entries don't get back any response at all. DNS fails, 
> web access fails etc. Did you check your Windows event log, too? Are 
> other services on that computer still working fine?

Thanks for the response.  I occassionally get Network "exclamation mark"
in the Task bar.  I have stopped using GBridge for now, as I suspected
it was related to that.

I have decided to clear out existing LMS logs.  The idea being to time
align issues with new logs when things go wrong.

Also, I will start another PC serving out the same version of LMS, to
see if that suffers the same fate, or whether it stays unique to WHS.

If it works, at the least the family have music while i continue to find
the problem.....

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