d6jg wrote: 
> Look at the power settings for your network card. Can't remember the
> exact terminology but there is a setting that allows the card to control
> the power and if not set everything can go to sleep for no good reason.
> Otherwise wipe WHS and install a Linux distribution. Vortexbox is ideal
> if the server is only required to run LMS and serve a few non music
> files.
> WHS is a bit long in the tooth now.

I created a new LMS Server on a W& machine, and moved a couple of
players over to it.  All Ok on going to bed.

In the morning, the WHS LMS was missing players again, yet W7 players
were OK.  I moved the "unconnected" WHS players to My Squeezebox.com
then to W7 - all seemed OK.

I will work on this some more tonight......

I have not had a chance to review the Server Log - which might reveal
what's happening.  But the above would tend to rule out the Router - as
it is common to both machines.

ref Above: - 
I think I found the Power check box you referred to. See attached.  It
was ticked, not unticked.  I'll give that a go Thanks.

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