mherger wrote: 
> > Yes it did scan in the beginning but I only did it ones as I did not
> add
> > any new cd's. The Nas has 2 TB of space. That would/should be more
> than
> > enough to store my +/- 1000 cd's collection.
> That's only part of the story. The cache folder might be located in a 
> place outside this large partition. Just verify it. Guessing isn't good
> enough: what does Settings/Information say about the cache folder?
> -- 
> Michael

I remember this scenario. My first venture into LMS was with a QNAP
TS109. I still have it as a working secondary by NAS but gave up running
LMS on it when I realised that I didn't (at that stage) know enough
about Linux to easily upgrade it from its stock 7.6.1. I did at one
stage manage to get it to 7.7.5 but when everyone was talking about all
the features in 7.9.x I looked at alternatives.

Given that Capri has no Linux skills and this is a lesser known NAS I
think a rethink is required. I restate that a Pi pointed at the NAS is
easy and doesn't require any Linux knowledge - only the ability to grasp
some concepts and ask the right questions.

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