Mnyb wrote: 
> It sure points to some network problems if players disconnects , that
> basically never happens .
> I'd the network cards sleeps that's suspicious and/or if the OS goes to
> sleep .
> Sleeping OS is fixed by using the WOL "wake on LAN" features if our
> network card ,check that setting to , so that the network can wake the
> server .
> DHCP problems on your network ? Do the server machine change IP all the
> time ? It should work I know .
> I removed that variable by having all squeezestuff with static IP ( next
> best approach is to reserve IP in the router , but it still involves
> DHCP )

I don't think the network card was sleeping (as I can still remote
desktop in over my network).

My W7 LMS server has today also done the exact same as the WHS LMS
server - as in Diagnostics tab looks Ok, and yet no players or
information in the Information Tab.

So time to look at the Asus Router again. Perhaps default it and set up

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