GuyManning wrote: 
> What squeezebox player are you using? *Squeezebox 3 Classic*
> What Synology NAS do you have? *2 Tier DS612se*
This server ( I think you mean the DS216se) is not that powerfull and
could cause some problems when running multiple tasks. Check the server
cpu load first. If the server is high on cpu that might be the problem.
See which service is causing the high cpu load.

There is a newer version of LMS available in the Package Center, but its
in the beta channel. I would recommend to install this 7.9 version. It
might not solve your problem but it is faster than the 'old' 7.7.6

-Synology nas DS115 - ('LmsUpdate'
-Raspberry PIB+ (PicorePlayer), Sabre DAC ES9023 - Exposure 3010S2 - PMC
-2x Radio
-Laptop - openSUSE Leap - Squeezelite
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