GuyManning wrote: 
> Hmmm....Just using the Album Artists Browser on the DSM LMS app to look
> down my music and it only seems to allow me to scroll down half way
> through the "A"s then it stops and the screen then bounces if I try to
> scroll further down!
> Ah the Settings, I just increased my 'Items per page' value from
> 50 to 500 however...I did not see any option originally on the screen to
> move to NEXT pages (for next 50)?
I would suggest to keep information about the issue to the webui. Leave
the apps for the moment. First see f the webui is responsive and

If you have Photo Station, make sure it is not indexing and creating
thumbnails! If this is a new Nas it probably is, and depending on the
amount of photo's will be busy for days. This will cost you a lot of CPU
and will affect overall performance, including LMS.

How large is you music library? I can give you an estimation of who long
the scanning process normally would be.



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