I want to send text to my squeezebox3 display by using the json-API with
defined duration. But after sending the text, my squeezebox display
refreshes quite immediately to the now playing song. There is no chance
to read the sent text. When the music pauses or is stopped, the text
stays as defined in the duration.
I'm using the "Musik-Informations Anzeige", Logitech Media Server
Version: 7.9.0 - 1474277583.
Is this a behaviour I have to live with or do you know a workaround?

                val String sq_json_url = 'http://192.168.x.y:9001/jsonrpc.js'
                var String myData =
+ text + '","duration:100"]]}' 

The idea behind this is, when my squeezebox alarm starts in the morning
I want to read the weather forecast of today and my next appointments,
which I send to my squeezebox (variable "text" in line2). 


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