Posting this in the main LMS thread as not sure if it is to do with
Raspberry, pCP, or SPOTTY!

Changed from ReadyNAS with LMS 7.9.1 to a Raspberry pi3 with pCP and LMS
7.9.1 so that I can enjoy SPOTTY, and it is great! Have now learned how
to change file paths in my saved playlists so that I can point pCP LMS
at the playlists folder in the ReadyNAS and it works (much thanks to 
kidstypike & d6jg for their help on how to do that). Have now noticed
that any playlist that is totally made up of tracks from my own library
works 100%. Any playlist that also includes any Spotify tracks will only
display and play the Spotify tracks, omitting the tracks from my

First few lines of a m3u file with my library tracks only which plays
#EXTINF:292,Mea Culpa
/media/Music/David music library/Enigma/MCMXC A.D. -The Limited
Edition-/06 Mea Culpa.mp3
#EXTINF:172,Robin (The Hooded Man)
/media/Music/David music library/Clannad/Celtic Collection/06 Robin (The
Hooded Man).mp3
#EXTINF:383,Comfortably Numb
/media/Music/David music library/Pink Floyd/The Wall [Disc 2]/06
Comfortably Numb.mp3

First few lines of m3u file that only plays Spotify tracks, omitting
local files:
#EXTINF:113,I'll Follow The Sun 
/media/Music/High definition music/Beatles/Beatles For Sale 24.96/05
I'll Follow The Sun .flac
#EXTINF:269,Dreadlock Holiday
#EXTINF:147,Come On Down (From The Top Of That Hill) - 2005 Digital
#EXTINF:324,Something In The Air
#EXTINF:293,Gold Dust Woman
/media/Music/David music library/Fleetwood Mac/Rumours/11 Gold Dust

It doesn't make sense to me so any guidance appreciated.

Regards, David

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