Eric Seaberg wrote: 
> Again, it's only 48k/24bit files transcoding and it's to ALL of my
> players... 2-SB3, 1-Duet and 1-Transporter.  If I stream to my phone
> using iPeng it works fine.

OK - that probably means the Flac / Lame transcoding is for older
players and for Ipeng may be using a different conversion but without
the relevant log for the player with specific log entry "Using command
for conversion" (the "matched" log entries are not useful)  for Ipeng vs
other players - can't be sure what's different. 

> I didn't copy/paste the log.  I let it run, selected ALL text in the log
> file and pasted into an Apple Text file.  

Very strange. One possibility is a some sort of corruption in cut &
paste.  A "clean" copy of the server.log file is necessary to see what
is happening as at the moment it is unclear.

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