Well the plot thickens...

After a reboot of the computer which runs LMS, LMS started and loaded
and all of my Squeezebox players are working just fine. However upon
opening the LMS control panel (as administrator) the Diagnostics tab
shows Port 9090 (CLI) as Failed but everything reports as Okay. And the
Information tab says "No status available..." Please note: I did not
make any changes what so ever to my anti-virus or firewall settings,
which had prior to this LMS update, allowed LMS to work just fine, i.e.
all diagnostics reported as "Okay".

And the strangeness continues...

The LMS web interface does not run on the host or any other networked
computer (the web interface had worked just fine). And neither does the
either of the two LMS front end programs that I use (moose and muso)
seem to be working. However iPeng is working just fine (thanks

Any ideas as to what could be wrong, how to trouble shoot the problem
and, most importantly, how to fix this issue.

In any event I'm happy that my Squeezeboxen are all working agin.

Living Rm: Transporter-SimAudio pre/power amps-Vandersteen 3A Sign. &
Home Theater: Touch-Marantz HTR-Energy Veritas 2.1 & Linn sub
Computer Rm: Touch-Headroom Desktop w/DAC-Aragon amp-Energy Veritas 2.1
& Energy sub
Bedroom: Touch-HR Desktop w/DAC-Audio Refinement amp-Energy Veritas 2.0
Guest Rm: Duet-Sony soundbar
Garage: SB3-JVC compact system
Controls: iPeng; SB Controller; Moose & Muso
Server: LMS 7.9 on dedicated windows 10 computer w/2 Drobos
'Last.fm' (http://www.last.fm/user/jazzfann/)
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