Eric Seaberg wrote: 
> Right, there is an SB3 at my office and I also access using iPeng on my
> iPhone while driving.  Many times I'll setup NO ACCESS so I can see the
> IP address, then add it to the 'approved' addresses.  Regardless, looks
> like a clean rebuild is happening on Friday!
OK I thought as a much but there have been threads where users with
external access had their systems hacked typically system settings
changed or alarm set to go off very loud at time like  3:00am

> Let me confirm with you guys that LMS 7.9 does install all necessary
> codecs EXCEPT LAME, is that still true?  
There are two builds for darwin - x86_64 and "normal" - I  presume you
know which one (64bit vs 32bit ?).  In each there is flac, faad, sox and
wvunpack.  LAME is a separate install.

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