I think you can get strange results with the 3CPO plugin .

I would try without it . I would use 3CPO only if I had some odd
resampling need that would be chore to setup with a custom-convert.conf

Read this

LMS is basically unprotected an alarm going off in the middle of the
night is the least trouble you can get.
It's basically a vector into your computer once in a hacker gets in he
can do anything .so don't open ports to the internet .

other pranks done by cretins using this vulnerability ranges from
changing our scannad music folders install that picture gallery plugin
and have it scan all your vacation pics which usually leads to a crash
turn on ( or change ) LMS password protection.
The sky is the limit . a possibility we have not seen reports on yet (
it will happen if folks keep thier ports open ) is to write a malicious
plugin that you install via the normal plugin installer in LMS . is it
not so the LMS has quite elevated rights on for example windows ?

For,remote access use a vpn .

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