Jeff07971 wrote: 
> I believe the advice is to NOT have the cache on the SDcard the cache is
> R/W so it is possible that the card was being written to at the time of
> the power outage
Hm, it is the default setting. Got a usb stick in (for backup settings)
will try to use that for the cache.
Would be nice if there was a export and import section for the complete
PcP including LMS to USB or network. That way you would only need to get
latest PcP image, install LMS and import settings. Oeps, i see the
problem coming, what to put in the settings backup.....
Next best thing than probably is when doing expanding file system don't
use all space so it would be easy to make an image of the SD card and
write it back to similar size SD card. Not sure how it is now. Is the
file system expanded to it's max or max minus say 500Mb?

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