I'm not sure disabling spindown is much of an option on recent drives.

In general there are 2 possible strategies:
a) enforce system state: don't let the drive slide into sleep,
b) go stateless: try to reconnect every time you need the drive.

As already said by drmatt, first place to look for solutions are
mount/system options on the Pi and on the router.
If nothing helps, some add-on or changes to the client can be made:
- run (on the server or the client) a script that regularly runs
"touch" on a dummy file, accesses a web page on that drive, etc. Beware
of caches which will try to avoid drive spinup. And perhaps finally link
this keep-alive script to LMS usage via SrvPowerControl plugin.
- switch the client to automounting with a short dismount timeout (less
than the HDD timeout). A mount is expected by the O.S. to take some
time, so it is more of a blocking call. Upon accessing the library,
rather than being swiftly returned <empty dir> by the O.S., LMS would be
blocked until the OS has something to return.

For a robust system I would recommend the stateless way. With a stateful
system if the drive (or router, or link between hosts) goes away your
client will hang until it is back; useful for a thin-client workstation
but not much else. (Not mentioning the case where the client doesn't
hang, but crashes...)

Have fun, maybe.

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