Perhaps I was expecting too much for one tag editor to do it all. So
maybe I'll take you up on that, once I can find the link again. id3tag
seems to hoover up my mp3tag searches.

Generally most of my tagging is fine but I have issues with compilations
and having downloaded 7.9.0 (which I like) thought it was about time to
get it sorted. It's a bit of a project though. LMS doesn't think I have
any compilations. I have about 100. I suspect the ripper I was using set
comp=0 by hidden default. Swapped now to dbpoweramp so that should be OK
going forward. Most of my old rips lack track artist data too so the
plan is to use something like Picard to find it for me. I've read
elsewhere that it can do this. I so don't want to have to type all that
in or hunt out the CDs for a rerip!

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