epoch1970 wrote: 
> You have to bridge the LMS VM to a physical network adapter in the host
> in order to include it to the physical LAN.
> LMS and players use broadcasts to discover each other. They must be in
> the same network otherwise discovery does not work.
> I don't know what LinuxLite/ESXi is but lookup your documentation for
> bridging instructions.

Thanks Epoch

I have since got it working on another distro - LinuxLite is just a
lightweight linux distro and ESXi is a VMware virtual machine host. 

Really dont think that it was a network or VM issue here - they are able
to ping right, which means arps (broadcasts) work. The tcpdump also
showed bcasts working.. It was just the TCP part that was failing -
being received by the host machine but no response from LMS (which
looked to be working fine).

Anyway got a solution now so all good.


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