I have Netgear Orbi (router + 1 slave) because I had wifi reach problem
but where I live in a large 3 storey Victorian redbrick with lots of
chimneys (i.e. thick brick inner walls in every room) and wooden floors.
Router and slave communicate using one 5MHz channel but positioning of
the units with a line of sight not through brick was essential for
throughput.  Even with the Orbi I need a homeplug to reach a corner of
an extension due to foil backed insulation sheets on walls.

Before I got the Orbi I used an Asus RTN66U which did a very good job
using Homeplug to allow me to position the router in the optimum place
rather than where ISP connection comes into house.

If the flat is on one floor with concrete walls then unless you can get
line of sight between the units and not going through concrete -
homeplug would be a better idea - if only to reposition the main router

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