My Squeezebox setup has LMS on a Vortexbox and I play it mostly through
RPi/PcP and Windows Squeezelite clients.  

I'm suffering from a really annoying problem where the music just stops.
As it happens on PcP and my Windows PC I am assuming it is a server
issue rather than a PcP/Squeeselite one, but happy to be put right on
that.  It certainly takes place when listening through the iPlayer
plugin but also when I listen to My Music.

Today, as an example, a PcP unit was started at 7am and ran through
until 8:07pm when it stopped.

Meanwhile my Windows PC upstairs had been playing from for a couple of
hours before stopping at 8:00pm.  I have restarted and it has stopped
randomly twice in the last 20 minutes while I write this.

I have looked at the LMS logs and attach them here:
The RPi/PcP is 74:da:38:54:5a:69
The Win Squeezelite is c8:60:00:cc:4f:82

Does the attached log reveal any problems?  I'm sorry I don't know
enough to interpret it.


|Filename: LMS log.txt                                              |

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