SteveLazer wrote: 
> I've been listening to the NY Times excellent daily podcast "The Daily"
> for months on my Squeezebox Touch, SB radios and pCP player.
> Unfortunately as of last week, LMS can no longer stream it. pCP player
> returns the error message: "Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor".
> I've double-checked the podcast's RSS link on non-LMS players and they
> play without any problem. Would be grateful for any insight.
> "The Daily" RSS link
> Podcast webpage
> Daily works fine for me, I just 
> listened to the latest one this
morning. I have had that error before with other podcasts and the only
solution for me was restarting LMS. 

I don't know why it happens, or if that's the ideal solution, but it
worked for me.

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