Thanks Marco for this great plugin, and also for the instructions on DSD
resampling on


- installed the C-3PO plugin and sox DSD version on my LMS. 
- configured the 
- updated my squeezelite to Ralphy's latest build and am running without
resampling and with the -W option. 

Squeezelite is running on an Allo USBridge connected via USB to an Oppo
BDP-105D and I can hear music fine! The BDP-105D is reporting 384khz

I've set up logging on squeezelite (all=info) and have the following

  [16:35:31.643712] _read_header:159 DSF version: 1 format: 0
  [16:35:31.644025] _read_header:169 channels: 2
  [16:35:31.644071] _read_header:170 sample rate: 11289600
  [16:35:31.644108] _read_header:171 lsb first: 1
  [16:35:31.644142] _read_header:172 sample bytes: 2305843009213693951
  [16:35:31.644176] _read_header:173 block size: 4096
  [16:35:31.644210] _read_header:179 found dsd len: 12
  [16:35:31.644245] dsd_decode:528 setting track_start
  [16:35:31.644285] dsd_decode:544 DSD to PCM output
  [16:35:31.663536] _output_frames:62 start buffer frames: 77824
  [16:35:31.663777] _output_frames:147 track start sample rate: 1411200 
replay_gain: 0
  [16:35:31.673937] output_thread:632 open output device: hw:CARD=DAC,DEV=0
  [16:35:31.675394] alsa_open:338 opening device at: 1411200
  [16:35:31.676030] alsa_open:368 reopening device hw:CARD=DAC,DEV=0 in plug 
mode as plughw:CARD=DAC,DEV=0 for resampling
  [16:35:31.677421] alsa_open:389 opened device plughw:CARD=DAC,DEV=0 using 
format: S32_LE sample rate: 1411200 mmap: 1
  [16:35:31.677898] alsa_open:468 buffer: 80 period: 4 -> buffer size: 112896 
period size: 28224
  [16:41:42.285750] slimproto_stop:1004 slimproto stop
  [16:41:42.386421] decode_close:212 close decode
  [16:41:42.442630] stream_close:331 close stream
  [16:41:42.502147] output_close_alsa:960 close output

The sample rate 1411200 doesn't look like any feasible PCM sample rate
so I'm guessing it's outputting DSD, although the 
    dsd_decode:544 DSD to PCM output
 made we wonder.

Does everything look OK with the DSD playback? Thanks.

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