You don't say what players nor which OS LMS you are using.
The stream has a mime of audio/mp4 - this is an mpeg-4 enco0ded stream.
Some mpeg4- stream cannot played natively by players which can natively
play AAC (i.e. Touch, Radio, Squeezelite) . 

You could try disable "native" for "MPEG-4" file types and see if faad
can handled the transcoding .

If faad cannot handle - then you can set up a custom-convet.conf file to
use ffmpeg / avconv dependingn your OS . Below assume Linux and avconv. 
You will lose skip forward to a time capability.

  mp4 flc * *
        # FRB:{BITRATE=-B %B}T:{START=-ss %s}
        [avconv] -loglevel quiet -f mp4 $START$ -i $FILE$ -f flac -

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