Well it's that time of year again when we move the clocks ahead one hour
for daylight saving time and performing a "look for new and media files"
rescan on LMS usually leads to scanner.exe believing that all of the
files in the media library have been changed (due to the one hour

My usual method of dealing with this issue has been to just clear the
library and do a full rescan (using the control panel).

I have raised this issue several times in the past only to be told "LMS
should not behave in this manner". This is not an acceptable response
since whether or not LMS should behave in this fashion, the fact remains
that LMS HAS INDEED behaved as I have stated above and continues to
behave in this manner.

Please tell me what information you might need about my LMS setup and I
will forward you that information.

And more importantly please fix this long standing issue.


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