ralphpnj wrote: 
> Well it's that time of year again when we move the clocks ahead one hour
> for daylight saving time and performing a "look for new and media files"
> rescan on LMS usually leads to scanner.exe believing that all of the
> files in the media library have been changed (due to the one hour
> difference).
> My usual method of dealing with this issue has been to just clear the
> library and do a full rescan (using the control panel).
> I have raised this issue several times in the past only to be told "LMS
> should not behave in this manner". This is not an acceptable response
> since whether or not LMS should behave in this fashion, the fact remains
> that LMS HAS INDEED behaved as I have stated above and continues to
> behave in this manner.
> Please tell me what information you might need about my LMS setup and I
> will forward you that information.
> And more importantly please fix this long standing issue.
> Thanks!!

I thought this was fixed a couple of years ago?

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