Could not find anything yet, but here is a more complete log

  [18-03-13 20:53:14.9248] Slim::Player::Protocols::HTTPS::new (27) Opening 
connection to
 [ on port 443 with path 
 with timeout 15]
  [18-03-13 20:53:15.2799] Slim::Formats::RemoteStream::request (141) Request: 
  Cache-Control: no-cache
  Connection: close
  Accept: */*
  User-Agent: iTunes/4.7.1 (Windows; N; Windows 7; 8664; EN; cp1252) 
SqueezeCenter, Squeezebox Server, Logitech Media Server/7.9.1/1518987734
  Icy-Metadata: 1
  [18-03-13 20:53:30.2822] Slim::Formats::RemoteStream::request (148) Response: 
  [18-03-13 20:53:30.2824] Slim::Formats::RemoteStream::request (152) Warning: 
Invalid response code () from remote stream

So obviously the sysreadline does not get anything back to the HTTPS GET
request. Seems that the SSL negotiation works, but something happens in
the GET

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