I just got the message  "A new version of Logitech Media Server is
available. (Click here)" on my LMS web interface. (See attached

Clicking through on that provides the following info:

An updated version of Logitech Media Server is available and
ready to install.
A new version of Logitech Media Server is available.
Latest Changes (all changes)
• The collapse filter is causing lots of warnings with wide characters
on eg. piCorePlayer. And we don't need it: it's only formatting the
resulting HTML source code which we don't get to see anyway.
• Improve architecture detection on macOS. Under certain circumstances
we'd not get it from system_profiler.
• Use the all_apps data if no player specific app data is available.
• Silence undef warnings in some older skins. 'start' is not always
• Silence a scanner warning on macOS

Clicking on "more" takes me to

But, once there, I cannot see what to do -- I have no idea what it is I
am supposed to download, nor how do so. 

I'm currently running Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 - 1522249619
on top of FreeNAS / SlimNAS.

Any help greatly appreciated!

|Filename: lmsupdate.jpg                                            |
|Download: http://forums.slimdevices.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24914|

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