Can anyone advise me on what type NAS I should get, and how to install
LMS on it?

I think Synology currently has the best support for LMS. They have an "official" package (provided by Synology, but slightly outdated), as well as good community support. And IMHO they do a great job keeping their products up to date in terms of firmware, even years after the product release (I have a 2012 model which still gets updates!).

But as others mentioned: it's probably simpler to have a Raspberry Pi to run LMS, while using the NAS as the music file store only. It's likely better supported if you wanted to install one of the more advanced LMS plugins requiring some external helper application etc. (eg. Spotty ;-)). I've been running a piCorePlayer based LMS for over a year now, connected to an ancient ReadyNAS.


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