magnus001 wrote: 
> Tried that before I posted with same result but yesterday evening I
> tried another thing.
> I uninstalled 2.09.07, rebooted, installed manually and It
> worked!
> After that I upgraded to 2.09.07 and still ok.
> With TS-251B and firmware I tested the plugins below that is
> not in standard LMS installation.
> MusicIP OK
> Licence Manager OK
> Spicefly SugarCube OK
> Music and Artist Information OK
> Material Skin OK
> Local Player FAILED
> Thanks again for your support!Hmm oké strange way of resolving, but it works 
> for. My suggestion once
in a while, if everything works good, make a backup. I especially added
the backup/restore function to fixed this kind of issues. 

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Love logitechmediaserver for it flexibel way, to play music from
different sources.*
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