Paul Webster wrote: 
> In any case, the fact that no-one else has reported it probably means it
> is local issue to your installation.

Or, people don't add new folders all the time using the Web UI.

My guess is, his music is somewhere on c:. I don't have access to the
folders on c: (they are not shown) with the Web UI either, the other
partitions work fine. I do have access to c: with the LMS control panel.
LMS runs under my user account (admin rights).

However, I was able to add a folder from c: with the Web UI by entering
the path and hitting Apply.

QLMS 7.9.2@2.04 x64 (digimaster) with perl 5.28 dedicated to me. :D /
QNAP 469L QTS 4.3.4
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