AndyN wrote: 
> I had hoped to find a configuration document - but I seem to be looking
> in the wrong place??
> I am running Win 7 Pro and LMS 7.9.2 which installed just fine. My music
> (19000 wav files) is moved across just fine and I can "see" it in the
> LMS Music webpage on the LMS PC under - although when I
> do a rescan it only tells me that 7 and 2 files have been indexed -
> which I find odd.
> But although I can ping the PC with LMS installed ( I cant
> access the webpage using - which is what I was
> expecting.
> So far I have yet to get a player attached (I have a Touch and a USB
> DAC).
> So where do I find a configuration document which will tell me HOW to do
> the above.
> I have used LMS for years under Vortexbox - but that system is very old
> and I want to go the windows route.
> Andy

On your Touch go to My Music > Switch Library, LMS on your Win7 machine
should be listed there.


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