First off I'll say that I've never had this problem and my playlists are
all in my music folder. My Albums, including Albums\songs referenced in
my Playlists, are only listed once regardless of how I get to an album -
WebUI, Orange Squeeze, etc.. I believe this is because of they way I
have the song entries specified in my playlists which makes it so the
LMS scanner doesn't resolve the playlist entries (please don't "fix"
this @mherger :) ). I use this method so that my music library is
portable between my Android players (phones) and my Windows systems
without having to modify my playlists for the individual platforms file
system structures.

My root music folder on my Squeezebox server is;


The rest is a fairly standard structure D:\Music\[Artist]\[Album]\[Song
File Name]

All my playlists are in the root music folder D:\Music\[Playlist Name]

I use the relative local path name method rather than the absolute path
name method for all songs in the playlists ie;

[Artist]\[Album]\[Song file Name] rather than
D:\Music\[Artist]\[Album]\[Song file Name]

Main system - Rock Solid with LMS 7.9.1 Official on WHS 2011 - 2 Duets
and Squeeseslave
Cabin system - Rock solid with LMS 7.9.1 Official on Win10 Pro - 1 RPi 3
Model B/Hifiberry DAC+ Pro/PiCorePlayer and Squeezeslave
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