slimhase wrote: 
> Hi Michael;
> I have the following 'problem':
> When I look at i.e. a podcast list, each podcast has its own unique icon
> / image.
> But when I select one podcast from the list and go to the now playing
> screen (i.e. material skin, but also std skin), it briefly shows the
> unique image, but flips back to the std. Podcast image after 1 second or
> so.
> You can try to see what I mean by including i.e. this Podcast into your
> podcast list and looking at the list (with the unique icons) and then
> select and play one (and then only see the std icon of that podcast):
> Maybe related: 
> When I select i.e. Deutschlandfunk Kultur 101.3 (Kultur) from the Radio
> List, I also get only the std. icon of that station, whereas I am pretty
> sure that in earlier builds of LMS, the icon updated to the currently
> playing song releated image (I still get the song info, just not the
> corresponding image)
> As stated, I am pretty sure that this behavior changed during evolvement
> of LMS. (Sorry that I can not pinpoint the build when that happened)
> -> Is there a way to get the 'unique images' back?

Sorry - should have added my system:

Version: 7.9.2 - 1564788734 @ Sat Aug 3 01:49:03 CEST 2019
Betriebssystem: Debian - DE - utf8
Plattformarchitektur: i686-linux
Perl-Version: 5.18.2 - i686-linux-gnu-thread-multi-64int
Audio::Scan: 0.95
IO::Socket::SSL: 1.965
Datenbankversion: DBD::SQLite 1.34_01 (sqlite

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