mrw wrote: 
> That presupposes that we can all agree on ‘correct’ behaviour. The
> publisher may have a different context in mind.
> I think that LMS’ approach of gathering metadata from the stream being
> played works very nicely in general. Consider, for example, a live
> ‘radio’ stream that delivers track title, performer, and artwork to
> accompany the DJ’s choice of music. I’d rather have that than be stuck
> with a single station logo gathered from, say, the ‘favourites’
> listing.
> Of course it requires the broadcaster/publisher to actually implement an
> appropriate scheme...

I agree 100%. (I might have not been clear on that in my earlier post -
I was just frustrated about this special podcast)
Meanwhile I checked multiple podcasts and many of them show the
'correct' individual image in the now playing screen.
Only some (like my initial example) differ. And they are not even
consistent from the same provider!
I contacted them - let's see, if I get a response.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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