bvrulez wrote: 
> Following a hint from someone I allowed all ports from a certain
> client's IP address in the firewall. Now there is no problem. So it
> seems that the connection is established using a different port than the
> one I know: 3438. Or maybe there is something wrong with my firewall
> (and that port, since 9000 works fine).
> EDIT: I reinstalled my firewall (purged it). This did NOT help.
> EDIT: Is it possible to change 3438 in the server.prefs file? Maybe I
> did it by accident.

I think the default port that is used in server discovery by the clients
is 3483 (not 3438). Besides I don't think that this is a parameter in
the server.prefs file, it should hard-coded in both the server and
client software.
A suggestion is for you to open the firewall to incoming udp/tcp 3483
from your LAN. I guess you already have port 9000 open? You should also
check the setting for the CLI command (Settings -> Advanced ->
Commandline) and open that port as well (by default it is 9090).

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