mherger wrote: 
> > This is still happening. This morning playback stopped for 8 minutes
> > then recovered. Nothing in server log.
> Are you using Spotty? If so, could you please enable INFO logging for 
> Spotty and see whether there's been activity around when LMS is locking
> up? Also make sure (and I'm sure I've mentioned this already...) you run
> the very latest LMS 7.9.
> -- 
> Michael

I enabled INFO logging for Spotty. This morning I was woken by the
annoying default alarm on my Radio and sure enough the network indicator
was red. The alarm was set for 6.00am and in the past if the internet
was down for any reason the alarm would always sound at the correct time
but this time unless I slept through it the alarm did not fire until
around 6.11am. At around 6.18am the network indicator turned white
The attached log shows a large gap before 6.18am where nothing appears
to be happening. This is also the first time I have knowingly
experienced the issue when nothing was playing. The other mystery is why
did the alarm fail to go off at 6.00am


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