tedbutler wrote: 
> I have a windows 10 machine running lms. I use cisco anyconnect secure
> mobility client to connect to resources at work. My lms works fine using
> the address of my pc until I connect to the vpn, at which time it
> immediately changes to the vpn ip address, which is not reachable from
> my internal network. Does anyone know if it's possible to statically
> assign the network adapter or ip address that the lms will use? Thanks
> in advance.
I suggest that you check with the IT people at your company. My
experience is that professional VPN connections to company networks is
always landing at your PC/laptop as endpont and as such it "steals" the
NIC address and connection. I e, it is not possible to have dual NIC
functionality (two networks at the same time) on your PC/laptop. It will
probably also affect your ability to use your own LAN attached printers
at home when connected to work.

Then again, I may be totally off here. Talk to the IT people at your
company. They may have a solution for you.

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