jompo wrote: 
> Hello,
> For me (Mac mini, Mac OS X Catalina), the scan of the music files also
> aborted quickly. Looking at the LMS logs, it seems due to forbidden
> access to the music files or folders, or perhaps LMS preference folder
> or files. Rather than giving "Full Disk Access" to LMS, Perl or sh, I
> deactivated the SIP protection of the mac, and everything goes back to
> work, and the music library was rebuilt correctly. 
> To deactivate SIP ("system integrity protection"), you must reboot in
> the recover mode, and use terminal to enter the following command
> "csrutil disable", the reboot
> (you can also search how to deactivate SIP for mac OS X with a good
> searching engine ;-)
> Best regards
When you deactivate SIP presumably it means there is a greater risk of
malware getting into the system. After you deactivate SIP and rebuild
the music library, as you put it, can you then reactivate SIP or must it
be permanently disabled? Dumb question I know - can’t believe I studied
computer programming in the early 60’s as part of a maths degree!

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