MainSqueeze wrote: 
> gorman was so right when he said, in post 20 above:
> Black magic indeed. Each little bit you learn only gives you a better
> idea of how much you don't yet know. 
> Suppose, for future reference, one wanted to use convert-conf to
> transcode (and equalize) not only local files but also remote MP3
> streams. That would require capability R, but how would one integrate
> that, for instance, with the two lines that work for transcoding local
> MP3s?

If the same command works for both local and remote - you can have F & R
on the same line - look at the lines which use wmadec assuming it is R
type and not an I type you really want.

If you want different lines for F & R - then wait - there is an LMS 8.*
change which may help  but it can make things more complicated with more

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