The PGP key I use to sign Squid binaries and associated files is being

Squid-4.0.16 and later releases will be signed with the key;

 Email: Amos Jeffries (Squid Signing Key) <>
 Fingerprint: B068 84ED B779 C89B 044E  64E3 CD6D BF8E F3B1 7D3E

 This new Squid-4 key has been signed by the Squid-3 key, and is
contained in the Squid Project keyring which can be downloaded from

 It should also be found in the public servers.

Squid-3 releases will continue to be signed with the existing key to the
end of that versions support.

As always the .asc file published for any signed item contains the key
IDs and other details relevant for verifying that item.

If any issues are encountered please do not hesitate to contact me.

Amos Jeffries
The Squid Software Foundation
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