To reduce development overheads while testing every master commit,
we are moving towards automated merging of eligible GitHub pull
requests. Anubis, a new bot implementing this automation, is going
through the final testing stages. You may have already seen a few purple
M-... labels popping up in your GitHub pull requests.

The bot installation used by the Squid Project is configured to
generally follow the existing voting procedure[Vote] with a few
additional checkpoints that compensate for the lack of a well-qualified
human committing the "deemed accepted" code. To learn more about the bot
and to review its functionality (including merge preconditions and
labels meaning), please visit [Bot]. The sample configuration on that
page matches the one used for Squid pull requests.

If you find a problem with Anubis, please file an issue[Bug].

Thanks to Eduard Bagdasaryan efforts, bot testing is progressing well.
We may allow the bot to make its first master commit soon. Eduard or I
will post the final warning here in advance, of course.

  [Bot] https://github.com/measurement-factory/anubis#readme
  [Bug] https://github.com/measurement-factory/anubis/issues
  [Vote] https://wiki.squid-cache.org/MergeProcedure#Votes


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