Hi there all,

Firstly many thanks for all your work on Squid thus far :) 

I have been testing Squid 3.0 since PRE6 in various configurations, and one
of the more notable issues I have found is that when Squid is running in
ICAP mode, coupled with Trend Micro IWSx (InterScan Web Security) - IWSx
reports that Squid does not support the X-TE trailers for data trickling.
The error is usually logged when dealing with video from CNN (at first I
thought all flash video, but YouTube is unaffected) and downloading certain
MS Hotfixes. There might be other triggers as well - but these seem to be
the main ones. When I configure IWSx to use a different ICAP server - say
NetCache or other, there is no issue or error logged and things work as

A quick search of the squid source provided no answers, however a search of
the archives show that there was a patch for Squid 2.5 ICAP dealing with
X-TE trailers:


Looking at ICAPModXact.cc I can see that there are some similar references
to the area's above, however most certainly the code is above my level of
expertise to have a play around with to cobble something together. 

I was wondering if there were any plans to include support for X-TE trailers
in this version? If you could let me know that would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Alex Braunegg

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