On Thu, Feb 14, 2008, pokeman wrote:

> well today my colleges are discuss about the caching their very long
> conversation their is 2 participants I am behalf of squid ??? and others are
> from BLUECOAT proxy sg hardware . well I am asking for squid developers
> there is any solution on hardware based embedded with squid  today the
> marketing are being more consider to buy hardware not appoint any employee
> to maintain cache services what the compare with other vendors ..  we have a
> client ready to buy solution but who is the fastest one ? 

There are plenty of Squid based appliances out there; there's a list of 
using Squid linked off http://www.squid-cache.org/ .

I'm in the process of (slowly!) building a commercial proxy appliance based on 
and FreeBSD which will inherit all the bells and whistles that Squid will offer.
It'll include extras like Youtube/Windows Updates caching rules, some anti 
and anti spyware filtering, and whatever else clients are interested in paying 

Send me a private email if you're interested.


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